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About RNSoft: Simpler is Better

Writers and philosophers from Sophocles to Shakespeare (and even businessmen like Sam Walton and Steve Jobs) have long espoused the value of simplicity. A person can be said to be a simple man. Many people try to lead the simple life. The appeal of the simple is unmistakable.

So why is it that computers are so complicated? The tools you and I have to work with every day present a myriad of options — some good; some bad; many unrelated to the tasks we’re actively doing. The simplest solutions strip away the unrelated, reveal the invisible processes, and clarify the activities that you undertake — in your terms and from your perspective.

Here at RNSoft, we’re serious about making software that simplifies what you do. We’re creating software that gives you control, presents you with intelligent options, and stays out of your way. Whether you’re organizing what you’ve already got or trying to create new things (like web pages) that don’t exist.

We’re certain that as far as software goes Simpler is Better.