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Posted on 04.12.2010 by Ron

Tech Support is Clean!

If you're out there and you're having trouble getting a response from tech support please try again. I am now actively monitoring every message we get and we will do our best to help you.

We have had two major spam problems with the current tech support configuration. Spam had been an annoyance late last year so I turned up the filter, but then too many real support requests were getting flagged as spam and dropped in the "ignoreme" folder. So I turned back the filter. And then it was like a flood of spam. The support email address (support at this domain) got hammered. I mean mercilessly. I was trying to clean them up along the way (I had to manually delete them one at a time) and stay on top of support request but some were falling through the cracks. I didn't know and I'm sorry.

I finally got an email from a friend and long time customer who told me that he had emailed for support 5 times in the last month and got nothing. So this weekend I have gone back over everything that came through the support inbox in the last few months. I tried to respond to everyone that got missed.

I just finished and I want to shout to the world - "this support inbox is clean!"


Posted on 04.12.2010 by Ron

CS5 is Coming

If you didn't already know, Adobe is set to announce the new version of Dreamweaver. If you've been wondering why we have been so quiet, now you know. Assuming that a preview of the software is made available to developers today we've go updates in the works for you and we hope to have them ready very soon. You can check out all the activity over at Adobe's website. They start the show at 11am.


Posted on 10.05.2009 by Ron

RSS Replay v 1.6.3 Now Available

I just posted a new update to RSS Replay that improves editing for all Macintosh versions and for non-standard template-based pages, as well as several other bug fixes and improvements. You can download it at

Many thanks to Joshua Orzech, the Art/Creative Director for the Disc Golf Association for reporting the bug, testing it with me, and helping make things better.