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5 Website Edition$59
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RSSDreamFeeder v 2.5.2
available for MacOS9, MacOSX, Windows

 Version 2.5.2

RSS DreamFeeder Features List
(italic content is new in version 2) 

  • RSS Uses
    • Text Feeds
    • Podcasts
    • Photocasts
    • Videocasts
    • Documentcasts
  • RSS Meta Data
    • Title of your feed
    • Subtitle of your feed
    • Description of your feed
    • Image for your feed
    • Keywords to make your feed searchable
    • Category & Subcategory
    • Rights (Copyright) Information
    • Author and Author's Email
    • Webmaster's Email for technical issues
    • Lifetime, iTunes ID, Explicit Content
  • RSS Versions
    • Supports RSS versions 0.9, 1.0, & 2.0
    • Supports Atom versions 0.3, 1.0
    • RSS Extension:Dublin Core
    • RSS Extension: Content
    • RSS Extension: Media
    • RSS Extension: RSS 0.9 & 1.0 Enclosures
    • RSS Extension: iTunes
    • RSS Extension: iPhoto/Apple Wallpaper
  • Dreamweaver Versions
    • Supports Studio 8 (DW8), Creative Suite 3 (DW9), Creative Suite 4 (DW10)
  • Contribute Support
    • Ignores temporary content from Contribute
    • Captures new or updated content provided by contribute authors
  • Direct Content Editing (all new in version 2)
    • Directly edit the content of your feed
    • Use Entry Edit to edit extended story content with Dreamweaver's own document editing interface
    • Import content from your HTML files directly into your feed
    • Or build your feed entirely by hand
  • Automated Summarizing
    • File types examined: All file types (based on your configuration) including ASP/JSP/PHP/CFM
    • Include content based on file names (contains, begins with, ends with, wildcards & regular expressions)
    • Include content based on Dreamweaver template
    • Summarize content from new files or modified files
    • Summarize multiple files or a single file
    • Optionally include or exclude files in subdirectories
    • Limit the maximum number of stories in the feed
    • Automatically remove feed entries when matching source content has been deleted
  • Extract Content
    • Use the Content Sampler to identify content to extract by highlighting it your documents
    • Capture content by HTML tag
    • Refine search with ID, NAME, CLASS attributes
    • Restrict search to parts of the page or template
    • Extract contents of tag or contents of an attribute
    • Capture content by Template region
    • Capture content by Regular Expression
    • Limit the length of content to include, in chars or words (without removing HTML formatting)!
    • Optionally remove HTML formatting
    • Specify a fixed value to use for elements like Author
  • Extendable (all new in version 2)
    • Create your own custom XML tags
    • Identify your own XML Namespaces
    • Directly edit the content of your custom XML -- just like any other piece of content
    • Extract the content from your website's files -- just like any other piece of content
  • Linking to Feeds
    • Link to your feeds with a single click
    • Standard link graphics included! (lots more now with version 2)
    • Create a hypertext link to any of your feeds
    • Create a link to your feed using the feed:// protocol used to trigger desktop news aggregators
    • Create an alternative content header entry (link tag) to redirect browsers and news aggregators to your feed
    • Create links to online aggregators like Google, MyMSN and MyYahoo
    • Customize the built-in set of online aggregators to include your favorites
    • Automate the links by building Sets
  • Pinging Caching Servers (all new in version 2)
    • Let RSS caching servers know that you have updated your feed
    • Customize the built-in set of caching servers to include your favorites
    • Automate the pings by building Sets
  • Online Help
    • Help icon in top right of window takes you right to the integrated help page


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