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RSSDreamFeeder v 2.5.2
available for MacOS9, MacOSX, Windows

 Version 2.5.2

RSS DreamFeeder Pricing

RSSDreamFeeder is available at a variety of different price points and licenses. Select an item from this list to add it to your shopping cart.

5 Website Edition$59
Unlimited Edition$79
Single Website Edition$49

5 Website Edition
This version of RSS DreamFeeder was designed specifically for web developers who manage a small set of websites and want to use RSS DreamFeeder to create RSS feeds for all of them. Developers can create as many feeds as they want for up to five different websites. This is also particularly handy for developers working on both an intranet site as well as a public website.

Unlimited Website Edition
This version of RSS DreamFeeder was created with the professional web developer in mind. Developers can create and maintain as many feeds as they like across as many websites as they like. This is also a great tool for setting up a feed, and then handing the feed processing off to your customers & clients -- all they have to do is click the Process button in their version of RSS DreamFeeder (get them a Single Website copy).

Single Website Edition
This version of RSS DreamFeeder was built for everyone who only has one website to work on. Especially handy for small businesses, associations, and other folks with a single focus, the Single Website Edition makes it easy to manage all the feeds you need.


All of these license options are for a single developer. Inquiries for site licenses, review licenses, and other special uses may contact us at